Monthly Retainers

Monthly Retainers

Average Per Month cost***

Monthly retainers can save your organization money on the costs of grant management. It is a proactive approach to your shifting funding needs. 

Retainers can include creation of a customized funding strategy with up to 10 prevetted grant opportunities to pursue in the next 12-18 months. The contract also provides relationship building with Foundations to increase your award opportunities.

We will set up a meeting to discuss your needs, budget goals, and application expectations.

Are you working on a capital project that includes land purchases or multilateral government relations? 

Let Planet Grants do the heavy lifting to make your project goals successful. We look forward to serving your organization.

**** Price ranges per client needs range from $1500 for organizations needing $100,000 or less, to $8,000 a month for those above 5 million in annual operations needing complex captital campaigns, 2 Federal grants or government contracts a month, and tax credit research.

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