Funding Strategy Grant Research

Funding Strategy Grant Research

Starting Price

For organizations that are in need of grants to pursue, Planet Grants will do the research for you. We will create custom search algorithms to identify successful grant opportunities.

A customized Funding Strategy will be created for your organization based on the project type, development phase, number of grants expected, and the amount an organization needs to raise.

For an average Funding Strategy it takes up to 60 days to search anywhere from 250-800 possible grants. 

These opportunities are then filtered down to the top 5-10 for your company to pursue over the next 18 months. It takes up to 60 days, due to funder outreach response rate, which is included in the cost to maximize your success.

****If you are in need of capital campaigns, tax credits, and community outreach to form collaboration networks to apply for grants, funding strategies fees range from $4,000-$8,000 depending on the overall project cost.

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